2014 SkillsUSA RI Championships

Congratulations to all medalists. Time to get ready for the 50th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, MO.

SkillsUSA RI Championships – Winner List

2014 SkillsUSA RI Championship Calendar & Contest Book

Mark your calendars. Here is the lineup for the 2014 SkillsUSA RI Championships

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Exploratory and First Year Career Tech Showcase


Updates for 2013-2014 School Year

Monthly updates from the state office…

10-11-2013 Update

09-09-2013 Update

2013 SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference

SkillsUSA returned to Kansas City, MO June 24-28, 2013 for the 49th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students. The awards ceremony was held on Friday June 28, 2013. The following are the winners from Rhode Island:

Crime Scene Investigation Team B (consisting of Sarah Vincent, Alicia Caruso, Tamena Amini)
College/Postsecondary  New England Institute of Tech
Gold  Warwick, RI

back row

Culinary Arts En-Chieh Liu
College/Postsecondary  Johnson & Wales University
Gold  Providence, RI
back row, center

Early Childhood Education Christina Markrush
College/Postsecondary  Community College of RI
Bronze  Warwick, RI
back row, right

Job Skill Demonstration A Rachel Almonte
High School  Cranston Career Tech Center
Silver  Cranston, RI
front row, 3rd position

Nail Care Hanna Fortin
High School  Chariho Career Tech Center
Gold  Wood River Junction, RI
front row, center

Restaurant Services Southida Saykouman
High School  Providence Career & Technical Academy
Silver  Providence, RI
front row, left

See a complete listing of all winners here.

SkillsUSA Rhode Island State Pin Contest Rules

The annual SkillsUSA Rhode Island Pin Design Contest has over one hundred entries each year. The winning pin designs will be used as part of the SkillsUSA Rhode Island Championships and for use at the National Skills and Leadership Conference in June of 2014. The design rules are simple, please follow them exactly to allow fairness in the judging of the designs.
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Strategic Plan 2013-2015

The SkillsUSA Rhode Island Board of Directors and state staff, in consultation with the National SkillsUSA organization, has developed this strategic plan to guide us toward our vision as we accomplish our mission in service to the students, teachers, administrators and business partners of the Rhode Island public Career and Technical Education system. The planning process began with a board self-assessment in June 2013.

Read the entire Strategic Plan here

SkillsUSA Theme for 2013-2014

SkillsUSA: Champions at Work
“Educated and Skilled to Lead America”

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board contests is how our slogan, SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, relates to our national pro- gram of work in the area of Professional Development. Within this topic, contestants might illustrate or discuss any of the following:

  • How has your involvement in SkillsUSA ensured that you are educated in the areas of personal, workplace and technical skills needed to lead America?
    As indicated by research, what are the needed skills to fulfill the projected job market, and how can you obtain the education to be prepared to lead America?
  • Why is it important to the economic success of America to build a society of educated & skilled workers?
  • How has your involvement in SkillsUSA led to greater skill development?
  • Why is continually updating your skills important?
  • How has education changed to adapt to the skills needed to be successful in the marketplace?
  • What can SkillsUSA do to ensure that its members are educated and skilled to lead America?
  • How does the level of education and skills attainment affect America’s success in the global marketplace?
  • What are the steps you would take to ensure you were receiving the right education and skills to fulfill the future job market?
  • What SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing personal skills that are needed to lead America such as integrity, self-motivation, work ethic, professionalism, and responsibility?
  • What SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing workplace skills that are needed to lead America such as communication, decision-making, teamwork, cultural-sensitivity and leadership?
  • What SkillsUSA programs ensure that members are developing technical skills that are needed to lead America such as technical literacy, job specific, service orientation, professional development, and safety and health?

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2013 SkillsUSA Rhode Island State Medal Winners

2013 SkillsUSA Rhode Island Championships Winners List

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